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Unum Provident Insurance Denial Lawsuits

UnumProvident, the largest disability insurer in the US, has agreed to pay a $15 million fine and reconsider nearly 200,000 denied claims in response to a multi-state investigation. Denied by Unum? Contact us to see if you qualify for benefits.

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Unum Provident is the largest provider of group disability insurance in the country, handling nearly 40 percent of the disability insurance policies in the US and has written policies for as many as 17 million Americans.

Unum has been accused of unfairly closing peoples existing claims as well as unfairly denying new claims.

The company sells policies through subsidiary companies such as: Unum Life Insurance Company of America, Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company, The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company (Paul Revere Life) and Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company (Colonial), Genex, and Duncanson & Holt. Unum Provident is also the agent handling claims under MetLife (Metropolitan Life), John Hancock, New England Life and Equitable Insurance policies.

Unum Provident has been subject to numerous lawsuits for improperly refusing to pay valid disability claims.

Professionals including: doctors, lawyers, accountants, and corporate executives have all allegedly been denied payments for having a valid disability.

These denials have been systematic and were recently documented by the television program 60 minutes. The program interviewed employees of the company who stated the the company's goal was to close claims and celebrated and rewarded adjusters who denied injured people the benefits they paid for. The program also featured a physician who claimed he was fired by Unum after he refused to co-operate in helping the company deny benefits to injured people.

The company set targets for denying claims, according to a former employee "At the beginning of each month the projections would come down from the directors..., who would give a number as to the amount of money we would have to come up with at the end of the month in closures."

According to the 60 minutes program, Unum's policies have led to nearly 3,000 lawsuits in the past five years.

According to the program an eye surgeon who developed Parkinson's Disease, was forced to sue the company after they refused to pay him for being unable to work. Fortunately, a jury awarded him 36 million dollars.

Others may not be so lucky.

Many people out of work may have been forced into terrible circumstances by Unum and its policies.

Our lawyers can help injured people collect money owed to them by Unum.

If you purchased disability insurance from Unum Provident or one of its subsidiaries listed above, and believe you have been unfairly denied benefits please contact us by clicking here for a free lawsuit case evaluation.