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Our lawyers are pursuing Claims for non payment of insurance benefits. Disability insurance companies have found that policies written years ago, are not as profitable as they thought. These polices promised to take care of professionals if they could no longer perfom their jobs. Large insurance companies such as Unum and those listed below have been engaged in the systematic practice of denying benefits to injured professionals.

Contact us if you have been denied disability benefits by any of the insurance companies listed below:

* Standard Insurance
* Colonial Life & Accident
* Paul Revere Life Insurance
* Duncanson & Holt, Inc.
* BenefitAmerica
* GENEX Services, Inc.
* Options and Choices, Inc.
* Unum Branded Companies
* Provident Life & Accident
* Boston Compania Argentina
* Unum
* Unum Provident (read more)
* Unum Limited
* Unum Bermuda
* Unum International

Other insurance companies that have been involved in denying disability benefits:

*Aetna Insurance ($120 million awarded to single claimant)>>
*CNA Insurance
*Cigna Insurance
*DMS Insurance
*Equitable Insurance
*Guardian Insurance
*Hartford Insurance
*Life of Vermont Insurance
*New York Life Insurance
*Northwestern Insurance
*Royal Maccabees Insurance
*Standard Insurance
*Trustmark Insurance

Also these Life Insurers offering LDT benefits:

*Bershire Life Insurance Company
*Central Life Insurance Company
*Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
*Paul Revere Life Insurance Company
*Unum Life Insurance Company of America
*New England Life Insurance Company
*John Hancock Insurance Company
*Equitable Life Insurance Company
*Colonial Life Insurance Company
*Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company

If you purchased disability insurance from Unum Provident or one of these companies, and believe you have been unfairly denied benefits please contact us by clicking here for a free lawsuit case evaluation.