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 Although the insurance companies have been profiting from not paying injured or disabled people, Juries across the country have decided enough is enough and made the insurance companies pay punitive damages and compensation to victims. See the results below.

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$120.5 million awarded to David Goodrich of California (government employees) against Aetna. He was denied coverage for a rare form of stomach cancer. $4.5 million for medical expenses and loss of companionship and $116 million in punitive damages

$87 million awarded to ($77 million in punitive damages) awarded for denial of marrow transplant for breast cancer patient ­ Fox. Vs Healthnet

$79.5 million awarded to 5 year old cerebral palsy patient after being terminated by Humana for the specific care she needed.

$62 million verdict for 62 year old woman who suffered a stroke following a delay in surgery and discontinuance of her prescription.

$37.6 million in punitive damages awarded to a doctor suffering from Parkinson's disease whose disability insurance (Paul Revere) was wrongfully denied.

$4.5 million in punitive damages and $70,000 in compensatory damages for man denied a $48 hearing test.

$4 million jury verdict against an Illinois bases insurance carrier for a wrongful delay in paying and refusal to pay $3,000.00 in medical expenses.

$4 million settlement and 2 jury verdicts in excess of $1 million against insurance companies for breach of bad faith.

$650,000 awarded to a science teacher who developed diabetic neuropathy. The insurance company cut off her payments after they deceived her doctor and he allowed her return to work.

Case settled after 9 year old child diagnosed with medulla blastoma, a terminal cancer in the cerebellum portion of the brain, was cut off from physical and occupational therapies, recommend by her physician
Case settled after catastrophically ill child's therapy benefits were terminated.

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